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Letter to parents 23 August 2017 25 August – Class photos
Letter to parents 10 August 2017  29 August – Rottnest class photos
Letter to parents 2 June 2017 29 August – Maths Talent Quest presentation: 3:15-4:15
 Letter to parents 29 March 2017  4 September – School Development day
 Fremantle College Connect Edition 4 March 2017  11 September – Junior IEC Assembly
Fathering Project info evening 14 September – Faction Athletics Carnival
P&C information update 15 September – P&C Hoyts Movie night
Letter to Parents 5 February 2017 22 September – Last day of Term 3
2017 Term Calendar
School Development Days for 2017
 New website feature: Student absences
 New website feature: Request a meeting

Founded in 1890, Beaconsfield Primary School is a government school situated in the City of Fremantle, Western Australia. Our school is fortunate to be located in such a vibrant and culturally diverse location overlooking the coast and Fremantle harbour.

The core values of our school are: respect, doing your best, honesty and valuing others.