Canteen News

This month’s focus is Fruit and Veg Month. Last week the focus was on red and purple fruit and vegetables – plums, red cabbage, purple carrots, red capsicum, eggplant, pomegranates, red onions, beetroot, strawberries, blueberries and red cauliflower (just to name a few!). It was amazing to see the interest of the students especially their enjoyment in eating raw red cabbage, drinking beetroot smoothies and eating beetroot muffins.


IMG_3954 (2)

Purple and red fruit and vegetable display.

Cultural Club

At Wednesday lunchtime, all students in Years 4-6 are invited to participate in the ‘Cultural Club’.  Each fortnight students focus on a different culture. The Senior IEC students select specific elements of their culture that they would like to share with others. The students learn about specific art forms, cultural dress, food, songs and traditions.

The program promotes cultural learning experiences for all students and provides the IEC students with the opportunity to share their culture with students at Beaconsfield Primary School.





Olympian Talk

Sarah Jamieson shows her Commonwealth  Games Medal

Sarah Jamieson shows her Commonwealth Games Medal

Olympic dreaming - Bolt style!

Olympic dreaming – Bolt style!

Listening intently as Sarah Jamieson shares her Olympic stories.

Listening intently as Sarah Jamieson shares her Olympic stories.

P&C update

Raffle tickets

This Friday night is the highly anticipated Quiz Night and Raffle draw. We must have everyone’s raffle tickets returned before Friday if you want to win the amazing prize on offer. This is our main fundraiser for the year and we need to sell as many tickets as possible. The P & C runs the school canteen and uniform shop and we need your financial support to keep these services going and remain viable as a not for profit organisation run by parent volunteers of the school. Please make sure you give your money and ticket stubs to your class rep or any issues please email and we will arrange to make sure your tickets are in the draw.

 Uniform Shop

The uniform shop will be closed for one week, next Tuesday the 6th of September.  Reopening the following week. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Canteen News

The Canteen will be celebrating the national event ‘Fruit and Vege September’.

Each week will have a colour theme. Yoghurt pots, smoothies and muffins will be the colour of the week and a dip pot with vegetable sticks will be added to the recess menu. A special meal deal in the colour theme will be on offer for $5 and will include a bottle of water. Plus the canteen will be decorated in the colours, so encourage your kids to come and check it out each week.

The colour themes are as follows;

Week 1- 1st and 2nd Sept — Purple and red

Week 2- 8th and 9th Sept — Green and white

Week 3 – 15th and 16th Sept — Sports carnival and normal canteen menu

Week 4 – 22nd and 23rd Sept — Orange and yellow

If you order the coloured meal deal all 3 weeks your child will win a prize and if they order it once or twice they will go into the draw to win a prize.

The descriptions of all the colour themed foods will be accessible on the online ordering system.

The Canteen will also be offering a special menu with a sausage sizzle and burgers for the sports carnival so stay tuned for further details.

Stella Wild and Pritika Baptist Win Merit Certificate Design Comp!

The school recently decided to redesign our Merit Certificate, creating two new Merit Certificates for Citizenship and Endeavour. The idea was that these would show how students are following our school values of Doing Your Best, Honesty, Valuing Others and Respect.

MissAndrew and the Student Council organised a competition to design the new Merit Certificates. To tell students and teachers about the competition, the Student Councillors paired up and made posters for all the classes.

Students who were interested designed their certificates and handed them in to their class teacher, who then chose the top six designs from their class and gave them to the Student Council. The Student Councillors each chose their two favourite designs and these made up the finalists in the competition. From these finalists the Student Council voted for the winners.

The winners were Pritika Baptist and Stella Wild. Both stuedents are from Miss S’s Year 5 class and she was very happy that they were chosen!

Pritika’s Citizenship Merit Certificate design is of a paper doll chain circle with a spiral of repeating words: “be kind – respect – include all”.

Merit Certificate Citizenship 

Stella’s Endeavour Merit Certificate design is a school logl in the background and a large gold star in the centre.

Merit Certificate Endeavour

The new Certificates were first presented to students at our Assembly on the 29th of July, which was boss, because Her Excellency, the Governor of Western Australia, Kerry Sanderson AC was there!

There were loads of cool entries, which made it so hard for the Student Council to choose. Commendations to the designs that were chosen for the finals and thanks to all the students who entered. Finally, thank you Miss Andrew for organising this great competition.

Freddie Beeley
Year 5 Student Councillor