Stella Wild and Pritika Baptist Win Merit Certificate Design Comp!

The school recently decided to redesign our Merit Certificate, creating two new Merit Certificates for Citizenship and Endeavour. The idea was that these would show how students are following our school values of Doing Your Best, Honesty, Valuing Others and Respect.

MissAndrew and the Student Council organised a competition to design the new Merit Certificates. To tell students and teachers about the competition, the Student Councillors paired up and made posters for all the classes.

Students who were interested designed their certificates and handed them in to their class teacher, who then chose the top six designs from their class and gave them to the Student Council. The Student Councillors each chose their two favourite designs and these made up the finalists in the competition. From these finalists the Student Council voted for the winners.

The winners were Pritika Baptist and Stella Wild. Both stuedents are from Miss S’s Year 5 class and she was very happy that they were chosen!

Pritika’s Citizenship Merit Certificate design is of a paper doll chain circle with a spiral of repeating words: “be kind – respect – include all”.

Merit Certificate Citizenship 

Stella’s Endeavour Merit Certificate design is a school logl in the background and a large gold star in the centre.

Merit Certificate Endeavour

The new Certificates were first presented to students at our Assembly on the 29th of July, which was boss, because Her Excellency, the Governor of Western Australia, Kerry Sanderson AC was there!

There were loads of cool entries, which made it so hard for the Student Council to choose. Commendations to the designs that were chosen for the finals and thanks to all the students who entered. Finally, thank you Miss Andrew for organising this great competition.

Freddie Beeley
Year 5 Student Councillor