Humanities and Social Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences learning area comprises of four subjects: Economics and Business, Civics and Citizenship, Geography and History. These subjects provide the knowledge and understandings to develop in students a deep knowledge and sense of wonder, curiosity and respect for places, people, cultures, events, ideas and environments throughout Australia and the world, in the past, present and future. The learning area also consists of Inquiry Skills which includes a range of skills that are common to all four subjects.  The skills develop in students the enterprising behaviours and capabilities to be informed, responsible, ethical and active participants and decision-makers in matters affecting them, which can be transferred into life, work and business opportunities. The knowledge and understanding provides the content focus through which particular skills are to be developed.  When planning teaching and learning programs, teachers combine these aspects to create learning experiences

At Beaconsfield Primary School, Humanities and Social Sciences is taught by classroom teachers who use the Western Australian Curriculum to build on and extend existing understandings and challenge students to think critically, solve problems and propose actions in relation to real-world events and issues. Through the integration of Humanities and Social Sciences with other learning areas, students are provided with enriched experiences and opportunities.