Our school

Welcome to our exciting school! Beaconsfield Primary School is a place of learning and social growth, developing future citizens who embrace the vitality of Fremantle, WA, Australia and the world. Beaconsfield PS has proudly served the community of Beaconsfield for one hundred and twenty five years. The school includes Rottnest Island Campus and an Intensive English Centre that complements the culturally diverse community of Beaconsfield. The school embraces a cosmopolitan community of students and families characterised by a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We actively embrace our core values of Respect, Valuing Others, Doing Your Best and Honesty. Every student in our school is vitally important.

The school’s Intensive English Centre (IEC) has up to 90 students. The students are grouped into junior, middle and upper primary. There are a maximum of 16 students in each class who are supported by an experienced group of English as Second Language (ESL) teachers and support staff. These students come from schools all over the South Metropolitan Region from as far south as Rockingham. Students enrolled in the IEC come from ESL backgrounds. Some have experienced little formal schooling from their country of origin and will stay for up to two years. Others will stay for shorter periods as they develop English language and cultural acceptance before returning to their home schools. IEC students contribute significantly to the rich tapestry of our school.

Beaconsfield’s curriculum includes all the learning areas offered in the Western Australian Curriculum.  Selected years 5-6 students participate in the Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program offered at our local intake high school, South Fremantle SHS. We also support students at educational risk with individual and group programs and support extension Mathematics and English classes. Teachers give of their time to run clubs each day during lunch breaks.

Our contemporary school site commenced in new buildings in 1978. The school relocated from the old site that is now the South Metropolitan Regional Office on Hampton Road. The modern site was an old limestone quarry that presents several distinctive levels. Whilst this offers interesting challenges for the location of buildings, playgrounds and movement around the school it adds to the uniqueness of the school. The school has two sports fields, one located on the corner of Lefroy and Hampton Roads, the other smaller ground is on the southern side of the school. The facilities also include a new Arts block comprising a Visual Arts room and dedicated Music room.

The Parents and Citizens (P&C) group supports the school with a highly rated canteen, school discos, Beacy’s Got Talent Music Show for kids, community nights, busy bees, classroom support, quiz nights and much needed fund raising.

Teachers and staff love working at Beaconsfield PS. Teachers range from graduates to highly experienced level 3 teachers and senior teachers. This broad range of staff adds to the vitality of the school and provides students with a dedicated divergent team of educators. At Beaconsfield we regard every staff member, principal to gardener, as a teacher and a leader in education opportunities for learners. Our focus is on students, their learning and social development.