Parents and Citizens Association

The Beaconsfield Parents and Citizens Association (Beacy P&C) is an incorporated association set up to enable interested parents (and citizens) to become informed and participate in various aspects of school life. It doesn’t deal with individual student issues, but it

  • provides a forum for discussion and input into school policies and programs;
  • fosters communication and cooperation between parents, teachers and the community;
  • assists in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school.

Its achievements rest largely on the shoulders of parent volunteers, who raise funds and commit energy and time to various projects. The P&C meets approximately every 6 weeks. All parents are very welcome. For more see the Introduction to the Beacy P&C Pamphlet.


P&C Contact Details 2016

P: 0434 366 373

President: Katherine Woodall
Vice President:

Executive Committee  

Jane White, Anita Bording, Gillie Knowles

Recent Projects

Wishing Tree 2016


P&C Newsletters

Newsletter July 2016
Term 1 2016 P&C Newsletter
Term 4 2015 P&C Newsletter

Important Dates and Events

Next meeting: 9 November

Meeting Minutes

29 February 2016 P&C Minutes
230316 P&C AGM & GM Minutes
30 May 2016 P&C Minutes


Important documents

Beaconsfield P&C Membership Form

P&C Office Bearer Nomination Form 2015

P&C Meeting Code of Conduct

WACSSO Effective Meeting Guidelines

Beaconsfield Primary School P&C Constitution, Sept 2001