Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC)

The Primary Extension and Challenge program (PEAC) provides opportunities for talented students in Years 5, 6 and 7 to:

  • socially interact with other gifted and talented children
  • enjoy an intellectually rigorous and challenging program
  • to interact with practicing experts
  • develop higher order process skills and in-depth investigation skills
  • work on open-ended activities which encourage choice and negotiation
  • undergo self/peer evaluation and reflection of performance.

Selection is based on results from year four assessment tests, teacher and parent nominations, and other relevant information.

Students learn alongside their intellectual peers at PEAC centres on a part time basis (usually one morning or afternoon each week) during school and/or online. Programs that have been offered include engineering, forensics, vet science, photography, lateral and logical thinking, marine research, computers, fashion, chess and mega structures to name just a few.

Many PEAC students go on to apply for entry into Gifted and Talented programs and attend one of 17 select secondary schools to study with gifted peers.