School Board

As an IPS, Beaconsfield Primary School has a School Board.

What does the School Board do?

The Board’s role is to represent the whole school community in setting the school’s direction and priorities, and assessing the school’s performance. The Board reviews the school’s budget, approves voluntary charges, contributions and some school policies. The Board also provides advice to the Principal.
The Board meets twice a term. The meetings are public and open to members of the school community. Parents and staff can submit items for discussion at Board meetings. The Terms of Reference sets out the process, functioning, structure and management of the Beaconsfield Primary School Board. It ca be viewed here.

Who is on the Board?

The Board is made up nine members, four  parent representatives, three staff members, including the Principal, and two community representatives.

The current parent members of the Board are:  The current staff members of the Board are: The current community members are:
  • Richard Bostwick
  • Jane White
  • Sharon Morris
  • Kieran Bell
  •  Kirsten Dicker (Principal)
  • Kate Yeomans
  • Melissa Hopkins
  • Myles Draper (Fremantle College)
  • Christine Robinson (Notre Dame)

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Board please contact The Board by email at or ask any member of the School Board.

The agendas and minutes are available here.